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Commercial Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Our unique process:

  • Dries in under a hour
  • Lasts longer
  • Prevents stains from returning
  • Protects carpet against rapid re-soiling

Whether you own or rent a facility that  has commercial carpet, it is going to require maintenance. There are many factors such as color, fiber type, pattern, and soiling personality of your facility, that determine how often the carpet will need to be maintained. Maintenance is not only important to a healthy indoor environment, but also to protect the carpet.

  • The soil personality of your business of bringing in many people at once subjects the carpet to heavy foot traffic.
  • The absorption of asphalt molecular fusion is a concern with commercial carpet. Carpet (especially wool) does not wear out…it uglies out!  The single most damaging source of tracked-in soil is from the transfer of oils from the parking lots via foot traffic.  This is fusion bonding oily soil that develops in the dye-sites and turns carpet yellowish when allowed to accumulate over months without cleaning!
  • The number one permanent damaging soil element of commercial carpet today is a manufacturer-defined condition called asphalt molecular fusion. This is where the coal tars from parking lots absorb into the shoes of your employees and clients, which then become transferred via foot traffic onto your carpet.  Once fused, these dyes can alter the pigmented color hue and can be difficult, or if allowed time to “etch”; impossible to remove via professional cleaning.
  • Quarterly service will extend the use-life of your carpet by many years, saving money by prolonging replacement.
  • Spots and spills are easier to remove if not allowed lengthy periods to settle and “etch” into the fibers.
  • Some wear areas are do to to natural pile crushing/light refraction. However, most wear and tear occurs from soil and asphalt oil accumulation that fills the dye sites of the fibers.  This accelerates internal fiber damage, diminishes the color and surface texture, and promotes permanent pile compaction.
  • Today workplaces are airtight and energy-efficient. This means they trap pollutants and contaminants inside, which lowers the quality of the air we breathe. The american lung association estimates we spend 90% of our time indoors. Indoor air can be 2 -3 times more polluted then outdoor air, so it is easy to see how the workplace could be harmful to your health. Regularly cleaned carpets significantly reduce the amount of pollutants in the air.

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