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San Diego Mold Removal

Has your home recently experience water damage or a flood? It is important that you hire a professional restoration company to check for signs of mold growth. Mold can grow out of control, and it can cause serious health problems for anyone who is exposed to the airborne spores.

When is San Diego Mold Removal and Remediation Needed?

There are several situations that might require San Diego mold removal. Call us right away if you have experienced any of these problems in your home or office:Mold removal in progress in San Diego

  • Fire disaster
  • Flood
  • Leaking plumbing
  • Leaking roof
  • Humid areas
  • Any visible sign of mold growth

It is important that you contact a mold cleanup specialist right away, because mold can start growing in a water damaged location within a day or two. Even if you don’t see any mold growth, it is possible that there is still a problem located out of sight.

If you suspect any mold growth or any situation that might lead to mold growth, then it is important to call right away. Even if you are uncertain, contact us as soon as possible because it is much easier to remedy the situation right now before it gets worse.

Thorough Mold Inspection and Cleanup in San Diego County

Protect your family by hiring an expert to help with the mold cleanup process. If mold is present, it might be growing in areas that aren’t readily visible to the untrained eye, and it is commonly found in hard to reach locations. We are the experts, and we have the experience to know where to look and the tools that are needed to properly clean the area.

Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to handle the mold cleanup process on their own. Even if you clean the area and can no longer see the mold, it is very possible that there are still spores present. Eventually, the mold will start growing again, causing bigger problems in the future. It is best to hire an expert who can eliminate the problem all together.

Fast, Reliable San Diego Mold Removal Service

Here at West Coast Restoration & Cleaning, we offer 24 hour service and we are always available to answer your questions. Contact us anytime for more information about San Diego mold removal and the other services that are available: (858) 207-6385

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West coast did a fantastic job on two rugs. They came back smelling fresh and new. Great service!

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I had emailed 4 different companies regarding mold, after returning home from my daughters medical appointment to which her doctor suggested we get our...

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Nathan and his crew came out and took charge. They safely packed everything up and stored it for us, came back and went to work. They did an outstanding...

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