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Hardwood Flooring

hf-300x195Wood flooring can be the perfect accent to any home or office, but these surfaces need special attention in order to last for years to come. West Coast Restoration’s dedicated staff, proven cleaning procedures, and advanced technology will help your wood floors look amazing, and ensure that the quality of the beautiful wood will last longer.

Our technicians will service your wood floors with eco-friendly soap and practice a fast-dry procedure to make sure the aftermath of your hard wood floor cleaning won’t intrude on your normal activities for too long. We have IICRC certified technicians that will help you restore your wood, near to brand new.

hardwoodfloors-300x150We’ll start by helping you move your furniture to properly ensure all floor space will be cleaned. Next, we’ll thoroughly sweep and vacuum loose soil and apply a safe cleaning solution for a deep clean touch. From there, we will machine scrub the hardwood floor or laminate with a state-of-the-art cleaning machine. After that, we’ll extract the soil with a highly absorbent cotton towel.

Once the cleaning process has been completed to your satisfaction, we will proceed with the wood floor sealing or laminating sealing process. A final wipe down will get rid of any excess soil, and then we will apply two coats of highly efficient sealer. After the sealant process is complete, the sealant will be left to dry for 8-10 hours.

Hardwood Floors Cleaning Procedure:

  • Our team will first help you move your furniture to make sure that we are able to clean the entire hardwood floor
  • A top industry specialist will first thoroughly sweep and vacuum to remove loose soil and dirt, then apply environmentally friendly cleaning solution
  • With the latest technology, we will machine scrub the hardwood floor for a deep clean
  • Next, we will wipe away the remaining loose soil or dirt with highly absorbent towels
  • We will then check to see if the hardwood floor cleaning is to your satisfaction, and then we will proceed with the sealing or laminating sealing process (the sealant will dry in 8-10 hours)
Laura H.'s Review Laura H.
5 Stars

West coast did a fantastic job on two rugs. They came back smelling fresh and new. Great service!

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Jessica C.'s Review Jessica C.
5 Stars

I had emailed 4 different companies regarding mold, after returning home from my daughters medical appointment to which her doctor suggested we get our...

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Jim V.'s Review Jim V.
5 Stars

Nathan and his crew came out and took charge. They safely packed everything up and stored it for us, came back and went to work. They did an outstanding...

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