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San Diego Fire Damage Cleanup Tips

After a fire has been extinguished in your home, it is essential that you talk with a professional restoration team to help with the cleanup process. In most situations, it is best to work with a professional team instead of trying to handle the cleanup on your own, especially because you might cause additional damage if you don’t do it right.

While you are waiting for the cleanup crew, here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind:


The safety of you and your family is top priority, and it might mean that you need to stay out of the house until the fire damage restoration team arrives. Some of the most common concerns are related to “slip and fall” hazards within the home, because the area was soaked from the water that doused the fire. Additionally, electrical issues are a real concern, especially if there are exposed wires in the area.

Limit Spreading Soot Particles

Moving around the home might actually spread the soot particles around and make it more difficult to cleanup. So, it is best to limit movement within the affected area as much as possible, in order to avoid embedding the soot particles even more.

Don’t Start Cleaning

It might be tempting to pull out some cleaning rags and get to work, but it is better to talk with your restoration crew first. Cleaning will make some aspects of their job even harder, and your cleaning might interfere with their efforts. It is important that they get a clear picture of the damage from the beginning so that they understand the full extent of the cleanup efforts.

Stay Away from Electrical Appliances

After a fire, it is best to avoid electrical appliances until the cleanup crew has determined that the appliances are safe to use. Don’t turn on any fans or other devices that need to be plugged into the wall, because it could potentially be dangerous.

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