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As a homeowner, you understand the importance of regularly cleaning your floors. The dust and grime tracked into your home can cause allergies, other more severe health problems, and it’s just gross. So, you mob and sweep and vacuum as regularly as possible—which is GREAT …if you have wood or tile or even stained concrete. But when it comes to your carpets, you can be sure that typical “cleaning” methods just aren’t going cut it. If you really want your carpets clean (and not just looking that way), you have to hire professionals, and here’s why…

Remove Deep Dirt

Though you can see the difference after a good vacuuming, your carpets are still full of dust, dirt, and hair—they’re just so deeply embedded in the fibers that they’re invisible to the naked eye. Your household vacuums can only remove surface-level grime, and that’s assuming you have a good one.

Professional cleaners use water, steam, special formulas, and very strong suction to pull up dirt and stains from the deepest part of your carpets. This kind of deep-cleaning is so important to the safety of your family, because anything left behind can cause health problems such as allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

Remove that Stink

Under normal circumstances, once a year should be sufficient for a professional cleaning of your carpets in order to keep them smelling fresh. However, if you have kids or especially if you have indoor pets, cleaning twice a year is highly recommended. Pet dander, food or drinks spilled on your carpet, or wet feet can really add a foul or musty scent to a room.

And if you live with that smell daily, you may start to become immune to it. Guests will come and go and have to put up with the foul stench of your home, and you’ll have absolutely no idea because you can’t recognize the scent of pet or must anymore.

For the sake of your guests and your reputation, let the professionals take care of those bad smells with their tested carpet cleaning solutions that been proven to remove the stink of your carpets.

Freshen up your Look

Did you know you can also steam-clean your tiles? Stains you thought could never be removed and stains you didn’t even realize were stains at all can disappear. Professionals use special tools and machinery that can bring your tile back to their natural color (that you forgot about) and leave your floors looking brand new.

When you clean your carpets and you steam clean your tiles, your floors will look brand new. It is amazing when your floors are professionally cleaned how great your home looks. Professionals have tools and machinery that is help to remove grime and stains to create a new look.

The experts recommend getting your tile floors cleaned every one or two years for maximum freshness.

Extend the Life

Dirt and grime look and smell disgusting, but they also degrade you floors. Carpet and tiles can both experience longer life because of regular professional cleaning. So, whether you plan on selling your home someday or living there for a long time, it’s in your interest to do everything possible to maintain the integrity of your floors for the longterm.

Did you know that there are often warranties on carpets? Well, there are. And an important fact about those warranties is that they are voided by most carpet companies if you don’t have them professionally cleaned at least once a year. That’s motivation enough to be consistent about cleanings.

Save Time

We’re busy people. Our schedules are bursting at the seams with work, kids, school, soccer practice, traffic, etc. No one has time amidst all the activities and tasks of the day to dedicate proper attention to their flooring.

Save yourself the time and hassle of maintaining your floors with subpar equipment that ends in subpar quality and hire professionals. It’s worth it. You’ll save your health, you’ll save time, you’ll save your reputation, you’ll save the quality of your carpets, and in the long-run that will all save you a lot of money.

So whether you had no idea that professional cleaning was so important or you just needed proper motivation to make the call and schedule the appointment, we hope that these five reasons are reason-enough to pick up the phone.

Author Bio:: Elizabeth Dodson is the co-founder of HomeZada, an online and mobile home management solution. HomeZada strives to educate and provide resources for homeowners in all areas of home management, including home inventory, home maintenance, home finances and home improvement projects.