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Lighting a few candles can be the perfect way to create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere in your home. But, candles can be dangerous if they aren’t handled correctly. It is important that you use caution with the open flame, and be careful about the hot wax.

Sometimes accidents occur and the wax is spilled on the floor. It might happen because you picked up the candle and accidentally dropped it, or the wax might drip down and spill onto the floor. There are several things that you can try if you need to clean up spilled wax on the carpet:

Cool the Wax with Ice

If you take a rag and start rubbing the hot wax, then it will make the wax spread even more. A better option is to cool the wax down so that it solidifies, which will make it easier for you to clean up. Cover the wax spot with a bag filled with ice and wait until the wax is hard. Then, you can use a blunt object to break up the wax into chunks and vacuum up the pieces.

Cleaning Up the Residue

After picking out as many of the big pieces that you can get, the next step is to pull up any excess. You need to be careful so that you don’t permanently damage the carpet. Gently scrape the area to pull out any more wax that is present. Then, cover the spot with a piece of paper or fabric, and carefully move a warm iron over the back of the paper to pull up the wax. Repeat as necessary. Use caution if you decide to try the iron method, because it could potentially burn the paper or cause the wax to spread.

If you want to clean up the mess and make your carpet look as good as new, then the best thing that you can do is to call a San Diego carpet cleaning company right away. At West Coast Restoration, we have the tools and expertise that you need to keep your carpet looking good. Call us today and we will help you get rid of the wax stains: (858) 207-6385