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A fire in your home can be a devastating experience, because the smoke, flames, and water damage can ruin your furniture, house, and personal belongings. After a fire has occurred, it is likely that your home will need some time for fire damage restoration before you can move back into the property again.

Unfortunately, every year there are thousands of home fires across the United States. Many of these fires could have been prevented with a few proactive steps. Here are a few things that you can do to fire-proof your home:

Never Leave Open Flames Unattended

It doesn’t matter if you have a small scented candle or a cozy fire in the fireplace, make sure that you always watch the open flame and stay in the same room. Open flames can be particularly dangerous when they are handled incorrectly or if they are left unattended.

Even if the flame seems to have died down, it is still possible for the fire to spread through your home. For example, the glowing embers of a fire might send a spark onto the carpet or rug and catch on fire. Keep flammable items away from the fireplace, and make sure that all flames are complete extinguished before you go in another room or leave the house.

Look for Electrical Hazards

Another common cause of residential fires is faulty electrical wiring or appliances. Avoid over-loading the electric outlets, and keep clutter and boxes away from the HVAC system, hot water heater, or other sources of heat or electricity in the home. If you like to use a space heater, use caution to keep fabric and flammable items away from the heater.

It can be very beneficial to hire a professional electrician to inspect your home, because the contractor will have a trained eye to see any potential problems that might be a fire hazard.

Use Caution in the Kitchen

One of the most common causes for a house fire is an accident in the kitchen. Cooking can lead to fires because of the high heat, flammable ingredients, and oil that is being used in the cooking process. Always regulate the temperature and use caution when you are in the kitchen. Also, turn off the burners and oven when you leave the room.

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