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Tip #1
Don’t wait as long as you possibly can before getting your carpet cleaned. The longer your carpet is dirty, the deeper that dirt gets, making it harder to clean. Soil and dirt is an abrasive and will ultimately wear, shade, and shorten the life of your carpet.
Tip #2
Get your carpet professionally cleaned at least at least every 6-12 months especially if you have pets, or smoke in your home or office.
Tip #3
Hire a carpet cleaning company that utilizes hot water extraction with a truck mounted system, as it is the most effective carpet cleaning available.
Tip #4
Don’t hire a carpet cleaning company that offers the lowest possible price. Not only will they do a poor job, they will most likely use bait-and-switch tactics to ‘up’ the ticket.
Tip #5
Hire a carpet cleaning company that is IICRC certified, as their team will be highly trained in in the many aspects of cleaning your carpet.
Tip #6
Advertising can be misleading, as the company may not charge you the same price once the job is done. Make sure they only do what you agreed upon in advance, so that they will not charge you extra for something you didn’t know about.
Tip #7
Keep in mind that every carpet cleaning job different, and therefore no quote will be the same. Factors that affect what a cleaning will cost depend on things, such as Carpet type, Soiling conditions, Square footage, and Furniture to be moved. An exact quote can’t be given over the phone, as measurements need to be taken first, as well as an assessment of the carpet current condition.
Tip #8
Hire a carpet cleaning company that can also cleans other items in your home such as your air-ducts, which have a direct correlation with your carpet and indoor air quality.