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We Love Fluffy To, But…..

It happens unexpectedly. You leave to bring the kids to school, you run to the store for a few minutes, you come home from work… only to find that your beloved pet has done it! They have left their mark on your carpet or upholstery and now it has become a bigger issue than you can handle. Your in luck! We went to school to specialize and learn the best processes and steps for completely eliminating odors (at the source). We don’t cover the problem up and mask it with “perfume” -We remove the source of the odor.

What Other Gifts Do Our Pets Leave Us Around The Home?

PET DANDER! Pet dander is “dead skin” that flakes off the body of animals and embeds into carpeting, upholstery, mattresses and clothing. Pet hair and dander is the cause of the majority of allergic reactions.

WHATS THAT SMELL! Pet odors are mostly due to the oils found on our beloved pets coats that transfer onto carpet/upholstery. Have you ever gone into someone’s home that smells like ‘dog’ or ‘cat’? Many pet owners do not realize their home  or vehicle has an odor problem because overtime they have acclimated to the malodors.  Guests can tell immediately if you have a pet unless you are very diligent about cleaning. We have specific cleaning procedures that remove odor causing sources at the source and keep your home smelling fresh & clean.

WHY ARE MY CARPETS SO DIRTY! Ahhhh the great outdoors… dogs and cats alike love being outdoors. Digging, running, rolling around in the dirt! Then, they finish up outside and decide to come back in to lay down… Your traffic lanes become more and more dingy, you notice spots and stains showing up in areas of your home… This is because there is a high volume of soil and oils being transferred onto your carpets!

URINE STAINS & ODOR! Pet Urine can cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics. It can also create an unhealthy indoor environment. Urine contamination often requires many steps than just ordinary, topical cleaning. Installed carpeting and upholstery have many surfaces that can be affected. Not only is the top of the carpet or upholstery contaminated, but often times the backing, padding, and sub-surfaces, must be decontaminated or replaced before urine decontamination is successful. Another concern with urine is that the acids in urine may permanently change the dye structure of the carpeting or upholstery. We can treat these with neutralizers, but please be aware that occasionally the dye structure will be permanently stained from urine. If the urine contained medicine, occasionally this will produce a stronger acid that could damage the dye structure as well.

Your  Options For Pet Stain And Odor Removal Depends On The Severity

Urine decontamination often requires more than just a top cleaning of the carpet.  There are many surfaces and layers that can be affected.  Please note that when cleaning urine spots, there is a difference between cleaning the urine stain and treating for urine odor. Cleaning existing urine spots MAY NOT remove the associated odor. In fact, it could INCREASE the odor in the air space for a temporary period of time. Here are some options depending on the severity.  Not all treatments can be guaranteed to completely remove the odor. Here are the choices for removal and your expectations of  the results will be.

Light Contamination-50% Successful

The pet has had an occasional accident and the carpet backing and padding has not been saturated and may be acceptably surface cleaned.

  1. First, the affected spots must be identified as explained above.
  2. Next, an appropriate pretreatment is sprayed on the top of the carpet. It’s probably a good idea to treat the spots as well as the whole room since pets track their mess onto other areas of the carpet.
  3. Finally, we thoroughly rinse and extract the urine and soil with our powerful truck mounted cleaning equipment.

Moderate Contamination- Sub Surface Extraction 75%-90% Successful

The pet has repeatedly contaminated the same spot. The carpet and pad are contaminated with urine. Although this treatment is a valiant attempt, it is NOT guaranteed to eliminate the odor, but it is often successful therefore avoiding the inconvenience of pulling the carpet up and replacing the padding.

  1. First, the affected spots must be identified as explained above.
  2. Next, from the topside of the carpet we saturate a special cleaning solution on the urine stains penetrating the carpet and padding to reach the source of the odor.
  3. Then, we use a special deep extraction tool called the water claw to remove the cleaning solution and urine deposits from the carpet and padding.
  4. Finally, we thoroughly clean, rinse and extract the urine and soil with our powerful truck mounted cleaning equipment.

Heavy Contamination- Almost Guaranteed Odor Removal.  99.9% Successful

  1. First, the affected spots must be identified as explained above.
  2. The carpet is pulled back from the contaminated area.
  3. The affected carpet cushion / pad is removed.
  4. The sub floor is swept and cleaned to remove contamination.
  5. Apply an odor barrier/sealer to the sub floor, tackless strip and wall if needed (tack strips may need to be replaced if they are rotted thru).
  6. Saturate the contaminated carpet with a special enzymatic cleaning solution.
  7. Extract the cleaning solution from the carpet with our powerful truck mounted cleaning equipment.
  8. Install new carpet cushion / pad.
  9. Reinstall the carpet.
  10. Finally, allow the carpet to dry before replacing furniture.

Replacement-  Guaranteed 100% Successful

Depending on the age & condition of the carpet and the severity of the urine contamination it may be wise to consider replacement of carpet and pad. The sub floor and any affected walls or baseboards must still be properly cleaned and sealed and then new pad and carpet can be installed.

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