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Water damage causes a lot of damage to a property, and can result in expensive repairs and cleanup costs to restore the property to the original condition. If you discover water damage, then it is essential that you talk with a professional restoration team to learn more about the right cleanup methods. There are actually different types of water damage that you might be dealing with, which means that different restoration methods should be used.

These are the main water damage categories that you need to know:

Clean Water Damage

Clean water offers the simplest solutions for the cleanup process, although you still need to take fast action and use the right equipment to get rid of the water and dry out the area as quickly as possible. This type of water damage often comes from a toilet, faucet, dishwasher, washing machine, or other appliances within the home. Often, furniture, flooring, and the structure of the building can be saved with clean water damage restoration.

Gray Water Damage

The next category is gray water damage, which is water that has been contaminated with another substance. Typically, this type of water damage causes more harm to a property compared to a clean water flood, especially because it can lead to illness and ongoing problems if the restoration is mishandled. If the water needs to be sanitized during the restoration process, then it is known as a gray water flood.

Black Water Damage

The worst type of water damage that you might experience comes from a black water flood. This issue is very damaging to the contents within your home as well as the structure of the building. The water is highly contaminated with dangerous substances, such as sewage backup, water from the outside, sea water, or a flooded river or lake. The reason this water is so dangerous is because of the bacteria content, and the danger of contamination gets worse after 48 to 72 hours.

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